One Body, the Small Group Study

Full episode of “If You Really Knew Me” 

Are you ready to begin a small group experience like no other?

Before you begin the study, you MUST watch an episode of “If You Really Knew Me.” I’ve found that when we learn a new skill, it’s best if we observe first. I realize that this is MTV, one of the most ungodly networks out there, but trust me, it’s amazing!


Below is an excerpt from One Body:

1 what is body life?

If they say misery loves company then why do depressed people prefer to be alone? While most of our lives may not be categorized by constant “misery” per se, we might have to endure seasons of it. Where do you turn when life deals you lemons? If you take our culture’s advice then the bar or liquor store may be where you find temporary relief. Or, maybe it’s food  or fantasy or some other means of escape. All of these escapes have one thing in common: they don’t solve your problem but only numb the pain.


Hebrews 12 tells us to endure hardship as discipline, that God is treating us as sons. He gives us this “discipline” because He loves us and wants us to grow in character. While this hardship is not pleasant, He does promise us a reward of righteousness as a reward if we let Him shape us with this difficulty. This promise is the part that I have clung to over the years as God has asked me to walk down difficult roads. But at least the good news is that He doesn’t ask me or you to walk it alone. This is the entire point behind this study. We are meant to use our gifts, talents, and wisdom to minister to each other. God has shown me the beauty of leaning on others and I do not ever want to walk through life without my brothers and sisters in Christ. I want to introduce you to this same concept. Trying something new can be unnerving for some people. No worries. We’ll take it slow. By the end of this study, you’ll never want to go back to your old way of solitarily dealing with the issues in your life.

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