Speaking Topics

Get your church on the road to being One Body Strong by inviting Cynthia to come and speak before your group. More than just a moving speech, each one of these sessions is designed to help you better understand God and are followed by break-out sessions where you get to talk about each topic so that you can better learn and grow together.

From my upcoming small group study entitled One Body  I go through step by step it is in God’s plan for us to be more connected to each other in deep and intimate ways. It’s more than just a small, casual group, it’s a place for real sharing, transparency, mentoring, and growth like you’ve never experienced before!


Want to get a better understanding of who Jesus really is? This is the study for you! This session goes through the final days of Jesus on earth and overlaps them with the springtime Jewish feasts. For me, learning how it all fits together has allowed me to truly view Jesus as God. Don’t forget , Christianity IS a Jewish religion.


When it comes to men, dating and marriage, we have the power to control our destiny! That power comes from the gift of sexuality that God has given us. Join Cynthia on this journey that will speak to every women whether you are young, old, married or single. This topic is set us to be fun and light-hearted and peppered with music that will get you on your feet! She promises you will never look at sex the same way ever again.




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