Church Growth

Physical growth in numbers does not equal success. Spiritual growth and maturity is the path we promote. God desires us to become mature and complete in Him. We also need each other mixed into that equation because we are the iron that sharpens each other.

Every church environment is different. Therefore, there can not be one specific plan that will fit every church. But, we do believe God wants EVERY church to be united and working together as one body. Let us help your congregation get to an intimacy level you have never experienced before.

Have you done a spiritual gift assessment or analysis for your congregation but are unsure how to turn it into an outreach? We can help you come up with a personalized plan that will fit your needs.

Here’s what our consulting entails:

  • Bill and I will listen to your desires for your church from leadership
  • We will meet in the home of the pastor and get to know his heart for his congregation
  • We will anonymously attend your service
  • A personalized plan will prayerfully created and then presented to leadership
  • Leadership will be trained in how to be One Body Strong

Go to the contact page and let’s get a dialogue started!

Total time: 2 days.


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