FREE Christmas Bible Study

Free Christmas Bible Study

Your search is OVER! Christmas can be all about Jesus once again. I am pleased to offer this FREE Christmas Bible study to spread the joy of the holidays! It’s called Celebrate CHRISTmas!

In Celebrate CHRISTmas! you’ll be guided through a 4-week study that is low on stress, rich in the Bible and history, and even comes with optional crafts.

Here’s an overview:

  1. Was Jesus’ birthday really December 25th?
  2. The wise men and the star
  3. Hannukkah
  4. Peace on Earth

When I did it with my small group, here’s how it went. We opened with prayer, read through the material, had discussion, and then did a craft. The whole thing lasted 2 hours. The week on Hannukkah is shorter. NO HOMEWORK. I chose 2 ladies to head up the gathering of the crafts and took up a collection to cover the costs. We played festive music and had some memorable take homes after we were done. Some of the crafts take a little longer so there might be some “homework.”

With this free Christmas Bible study, you’ll be discussing the word, understanding a little more about the history of the holiday season, and having fun!

I look forward to hearing about your gathering so make sure to send me pictures and suggestions. Drop me a line. Let’s put Christ back into our Christmas celebrations!