You could be my next guest blogger! Send me your One Body themed blog/devotionals and I will invite you to share your thoughts.


  • All stories should be fresh, true and really show how you have lived out the One Body concept. How has your church or fellowship group found ways to break down the walls and draw closer together? There is not one set way that will work for everyone.
  • I am also interested in what I like to refer to as biblical insight. This is not new revelation, it’s taking the culture of the Bible and using it to further explain scripture. The Jewish culture is often the “code” for deciphering the mysteries of Scripture.
  • Length will vary depending upon the topic. As long as it flows nicely and has a good story line, I will use it. Just remember, it is a blog.
  • Be creative. I love good writing and story-telling. Every once in awhile I just might accept a blog that fits none of these requirements but it too good not to share. I never want to put God in a box.

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