What is One Body Strong?

What does it mean to be One Body Strong? Well, it’s a way of life more than it is a Christian program. It’s a means of developing a closeness with other Christians so that we can mentor and encourage each other in our walk on a deep level. There are no unspoken prayer requests here. We share because there’s freedom in sharing. Through study of the word, prayer, and sharing, we build each other up.

Are you frustrated because you feel as though you have no place to use your talents that God has given you? This, my friend is the answer to your prayer.


What does the small group study look like? The best visual I have for the intimacy of the group is found on a MTV show called If You Really Knew Me. This secular group called Be the Change goes around to high schools and conducts an event called Challenge Day. Click on this to watch a promo. It makes me cry when I see the hurt these teens are walking around with. We all have that same hurt and burdens and need the healing of Jesus. Let your brothers and sisters in Christ be the hands and feet of Jesus.

In my study, One Body, I will teach you how to live out this One Body philosophy.

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