Jun 24


In case you didn’t know…

Presidential elections begin 18 months or more before the actual date. It doesn’t matter who controls the White House, there is no shortage of individuals throwing their hat into the ring. The media helps to create the drama. They love a good horse race! Long before the Iowa caucuses, news outlets compile lists and bios for all presidential hopefuls.

#Pray 2020 is bathing the entire presidential process with the Spirit and direction of God. We ask Him for peace, order and fairness.

We’re on the brink of chaos!

It’s 2019. A very large group of people have not gotten over the election of Donald Trump. On college campuses, students protest with screams and cries, NOT MY PRESIDENT! Where does free speech end and political discord and chaos begin? Three years into a presidency and these groups continue their cry.

In the past, the two political parties would put aside their differences and come together. Unfortunately, that did not happen in this cycle. Since getting elected, Democrats have schemed for ways to discredit and indict President Trump. So far, nothing substantial has been uncovered. Don’t get me wrong–if Trump has done something criminal, he should be prosecuted. So far, all I’ve seen is speculation and a waste of money and time. Resources like air time are limited. Many valuable news stories don’t get air time because we are focused on railroading the president. #Pray2020

Freedom of Speech and Thought

The First Amendment is what makes America so remarkable! We don’t have to approve of the way others believe or speak but we need to let them have their opinions. If we don’t, we become North Korea or Communist China. In those countries, people who disagree with the State get sent to “re-education camps” AKA prison. I believe all people have the right to voice their opinion, even if I disagree with what they say! However, groups do not have the right to cause physical harm to others. Many of the college protests at Berkeley have resulted in vandalism. This crosses the line. #Pray2020

Popular vs. Electoral College

On this issue, I have to side with the electoral college. Do we want large cities like New York, Miami and LA will choose every president? Citizens living in Montana or Oklahoma will not bother to cast a vote because it won’t matter. However, I do believe the winner-take-all for the state’s electoral casting could be updated. Again, dissenting voices are silenced with this system. #Pray2020


Nobody likes a cheater. Nobody likes a sore loser either. If people suspect cheating, the legitimacy of the results comes to question. Remember the hanging chad controversy of the 1990’s? If not, the state of Florida had to recount thousands of votes. This was back when we used a stylus to punch out our choice. In the process of the recount, some of the punches got damaged and it was unclear who people voted for. #Pray2020

Project Veritas just came out with video from Google. It looks like the search engine is trying to shape the outcome of the election by manipulating the results of searches online.

Who is allowed to vote?

  • Dead people? Rumors have been circulating for years how thousands of deceased individuals cast ballots.
  • Convicted felons? Once someone completes his/her probation, should voting rights be restored?
  • Illegal immigrants? The debate rages on as to who should be allowed to vote. Recently, Congress approved voting rights for illegal immigrants.
  • Citizens without photo IDs? I have to show my ID to buy cold medicine or board a plane. Is it really too much to ask? #Pray2020
Ephesians 6:12
For our struggle is not against flesh and blood

It’s spiritual warfare

Unfortunately, many of us (myself included) separate politics from spirituality. For our struggle is not against flesh and blood (Ephesians 6). The real puppet master is Satan! The only way to defeat him is through the Word of God and with prayer. That is why we need to start the #Pray2020. Freedom of speech and freedom of religion are at stake! The new religion is humanism and the savior is government.

The silencing the voices of people of faith is in the “air”. This is why we need to pray for this upcoming election. This is why we need to encourage each other to pray for our country with #Pray2020. People on both sides of the political aisle both want peace and unity. We need to be specific in our prayers. Encourage others to act in fair ways and report those who do otherwise. Only if voters feel the election is fair and ethical can we abide by the final vote count. Prayers need to be lifted for our leaders to act in ways that are moral and ethical. The very existence of our country is at stake. Pray for our nation and pray often #Pray2020.