Mar 04

In a Crowd of People…Yet Alone. Yes, This is Church

alone_in_a_crowdIn The Friendless American Male,  Larry Richards is reported as saying that “in church we sit together and sing together and greet one another cheerily as we leave at the end of a service. We do all of these things, sometimes for years, without forming any real personal Christian relationships. Our words often seem superficial. The church, therefore, becomes a place where Christians live alone together.”

This quote, taken from Ann Spangler’s book Sitting at the Feet of Rabbi Jesus struck me right between the eyes! I’ve been there, in a large group of people yet felt very alone. Unfortunately, most of us live there–alone in a crowd of people. Nobody really knows you or your struggles. This loneliness stretches across socioeconomic, gender, and age brackets. We are ALL susceptible to feeling alone. The downside of this condition is depression, addiction, binging, and even suicide.

Now to the positive side…God NEVER intended for us to live in Christian community this way. In fact, his models are like Acts 2:42 where the disciples were encouraged to get together and “break bread” on a regular basis. God wants us to “do life” together with other believers, not be distant and alone.

The next question is, how do you get to this point? The answer…One Body Strong! The small group study will teach you how to live as the Body of Christ, the way God meant for it to be. Learning, growing, leaning on each other through the journey we call life.