No, this isn’t an exercise site–it’s a place to learn how to mature and become ONE within the Body of Jesus Christ. When we operate together using all of our gifts and talents, it’s amazing how strong we become. Part of that working together comes through accountability, mentoring, transparency and of course, prayer and the Word. Learn how to live as the Body of Christ with this small group study.


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One Body, A Small Group Bible Study by Cynthia Lyerly

One Body, A Small Group Bible Study by Cynthia Lyerly

No matter what’s going on in your church, you can choose to become One Body Strong with the people around you. In this seven-week small group study, you will learn why it’s important to be transparent with others and how to lean on one another for support. We promise that by the end of the study, you’ll be wanting more!

There’s a place for churches in One Body Strong…Church congregations of all sizes struggle with how to promote intimacy among their members. Let us come and put together a detailed plan for spiritual growth and maturity for your body.

About the study “One Body”: Ever feel like you should be getting more out of your Bible study? It is possible to experience a godly group time like never before! Not only is the information fresh and exciting, it’s deep and thoughtful. Each week you read a short chapter and come to a small group for discussion of the word and feedback. God’s word is meant to be debated and talked about. We need to be the iron that sharpens each other! Click HERE to order your copy.

Part of maturing and growing in God is your alone time with Him. While there’s lots of daily devotionals to choose from, we hope you’ll be inspired with this deeper type of message we offer. They are written in the form of blogs and are to help guide you in realizing that not only that God is real and desires to be a part of every aspect of your life but the need for others in that journey. You’ll find these devotional/blogs under Grow.

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